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40 years of real estate experience in the upper area of Barcelona.

We will help and advise you throughout the buying and selling or renting process to maximise your benefits and ensure peace of mind and efficiency.

Why selling with Cefersa?

We are clear about the steps to follow to ensure the success of any operation. We offer you a comprehensive service.

  1. We offer you a full service.
  2. Designing the optimal sales strategy
  3. Preparation of the property. Professional Photographs and Videos. Document management.
  4. Active and prominent advertising on national and international portals, websites, social networks and written press. Monthly newsletter.
  5. Personalized commercial follow-up.
  6. Tax and legal management and advice.
  7. Advice on negotiation and closing of transactions.

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We value your property

We carry out exhaustive market studies that take into account the trends in the real estate sector, the economic and financial situation, the actual sales and current offers in the area, as well as all the particularities of your home.

Our internal database of more than 1,500 intermediated transactions, together with our high sensitivity and knowledge, allows us to establish an optimal valuation and design the most appropriate marketing strategy. The result? An efficient and hassle-free sale. The result? An efficient and hassle-free sale.

Contact our team for a free, no-obligation initial valuation.

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